At any given time, there are 5 to a dozen or so people related to the boat club, half of whom are actively involved: fixing boats, taking boats out, doing the books, in the country. The captains are the heart and lifeblood of the stichting. We give our time and know-how and keep this operation afloat.

Mostly we're a group of friends. Friends who've met through the boats—and probably never would have met otherwise!
Donations are our only
source of income.
Independently wealthy?
Well, hello...!
Boat Club Admiral
  Previous Dear Leaders: Peter Moskos (1996-1999), Bob Tollefson (1999-2003), Nicole Mischler (2003-2006), Rod Ben Zeev (2006-2008), Magnus Mondfeldt (2009-2015), Enver Hoxha (1944-1985)
Active Captains of the St. Nicolaas Boat Stichting
Alas, all is lost
Inactive Captains of the St. Nicolaas Boat Stichting
(Captains, please send me updates. One day, we shall rise again!)
Peter Moskos* (1997-2015) Stichting founder. The original boat captain. He's been piloting boats in Amsterdam since 1994, but currently lives stateside. He dreams of being back on the water in Amsterdam, but also loves a city where you can find his wife, his job, and vegetables stands open 24 hours. While land-lubbing, he offers moral support and keeps up this non-award-winning website. Peter loves being on the Ij during storms.
Magnus Monfeldt
Boat captain. Artist. Filmmaker. Swedish. The strong silent type. Deceivingly soft-spoken, he somehow managed to sell a glass of water with a rock in it for 400 euros. Now he's our Dear Leader.
Nicole Mischler
Boat captain. Actor. Nicole "Crash" Mischler has run the stichting and supports the motley crew with a healthy drop of rum and liberal use of the lash. She successfully kept the boats from sinking during the winters of 2003 to 2009 (let's not talk about 2010). In 2011, Nicole became a beautiful mother to a beautiful baby girl and immediately pencilled in the year 2027 for dynastic succession. She teaches hot yoga. Hot.
Mike Phelps*
If you're on our boat, Mike has fixed it. He doesn't much take our boats out, because he's got his own. When something big goes down, Mike gets shit done. We'd be lost and broken without him. You may have seen him piloting the Queen Mary 2 or demonstrating the proper fit of life jackets to cruise passengers. (b.1951-d.2016)
Diego Julio
Our self-described “nomad” from Buenos Aires... those Argentineans are so exotic. He's been stopped by police as a terrorist suspect for carrying gerry cans to the boats. But he's a lover, not a fighter. Diego claims the boat balances better when pretty women sit next to him.
Ingrid Notten
Every year, Ingrid sweeps the annual St. Nick Boat Club Hot Captains Awards, sexy midriff division.
Maria de Boer
After being part of the gang for years, Maria finally jumped the tiller in 2008 and became a captain for real. Did I mention she's also a nurse? Nurses are bad ass and can tear you up just as easily as they can put you back together. So be on your best behavior. She also knows how a good paalsteek can save you. Maria is very happy newer captains have taken over deck-swabbing details.
Toine Rikken
Friend and stichting co-founder. Exemplified the spirit of the canals and was the spirit of the St. Nicolaas Boat Club. He still is. Vaar je wel. (b.1963-d.1999)
Jan Van Omman*
From when he bought Athena till the late 1990s, Jan fixed, welded, cut, screwed, painted, bent, sanded, grinded, tinkered, and drank. Right now he is drinking at Sugar Factory, where he never seems to pay for his beer.
Michael Diederich
Michael told many tall-tales to unsuspected tourists. He sings and dances in the finest theaters in Holland, right now at Boom Chicago.
Sarah Tillitson

Like she was born with a tiller attached to 3-ton boat growing out of her fingers, Sarah was our first woman captain. Good looking, young, blond, petite... she got big tips (though she modestly claims it was simple gratitute for returning people safely to land). Bored with the leisurely pace of canals, she started racing bikes. She stopped that after gathering enough scars to impress all the boys. Now she's a farmer's wife in New Zealand. For real!

Ralph Lee
The stichting purchased St. Nick, the boat, from Ralph. He missed her so much he kept on being captain. Ralph knows the difference between unleaded and diesel. Where are you now, Mr. Lee? We miss you!
(1997-1998, 2008-2009)
Steven began driving boats when he was straight off the boat from Chicago. After a ten-year hiatus, he came back to man the tiller. His wondeful children are already slated to be boat captains. Steven turns the lights on at Boom.
Drew Wackerling
Not really good at multitasking, Drew always found the pace on the water just right. He is a father, and currently running late.
Bob Tollefson
Currently on long-term sabbatical, Bob, also know as "The Star of Savannah," is researching the cultural influence of tuindersvletten on coastal Georgia. He ran the stichting from 1999-2003. In his spare time, Bob collects receipts.
Glenn (1998-2001)   A man with a brogue and a heart willing to help. (d. 2001)
Jethro Nolan (1998) Boat captain and cast member. Went through a crash course and passed the navigation test with flying colors. His unique sense of humor always kept the passengers entertained.
Bill Piccolo
Bill piloted, fixed, and kept things working. He gave the boats and the stichting much love. He is currently trying to find extra closet space to store the set of Sesamestraat
Sherri Gionet
(on and off, 1999-2006)
Sherri drew and painted our signs. Beautifully. She is mother of the two best kids in the world.
Peter Jordan
(Sweetie Petie)
He was a lifesaver when both boats were broken down. He had served in the Navy as an electrician / mechanic, so his skills were put to good use. He left Amsterdam and started a successful Italian restaurant called Cafe Sociale in San Francisco with his girlfriend Jen.
Joshua Carman (1999) Quiet, reserved, dedicated, and Iowa corn-fed. Amsterdam was Josh's first experience out of the US. He left Amsterdam with a 3-week plan to tour Thailand and Viet Nam. Then he was seen on a little Chinese scooter going from one end of Viet Nam to the other. He lived in Costa Rica, too. Now he's back in Iowa, where he works at a mortgage company and, we assume, being fed on corn.
Brendan Hunt
Brendan gave up his boat career to return to acting and master the German card game of Skat.
Pieter Bakker
(Sweetie Pietie)
Now, alas, Pieter lives in Rotterdam.
Pascale Delevance
  He and his family blew into Amsterdam one summer to visit Sarah. Next thing you know he's piloting boats.
Rod Ben Zeev
Boat captain. Actor. Admiral from 2006-2008. Rod learned to perform at the school of hard knocks. Rod likes going under low bridges because he can. And he almost got lucky on the Nairobi-Mombasa night train. There is only one picture in existence where Rod isn't smiling. He writes scripts for Greek TV even though he doesn't speak Greek. Really. Rod follows in the great tradition of Admiral Nelson and Admiral de Ruiterweg.
Sarah Craig
Our smallest boat captain, Sarah impressed the salts from the union hall with her expert boat handling and liberal social activism. She lives in Australia and is the mother of an beautiful cage-free organic girl. You wouldn't be surprised, if you knew Sarah, to learn that her labor lasted all of 20 minutes and was, as she put it, "joyous" and "not painful."
Gideon Hoed
  Used to juggle torches but never set the boat on fire. The canals are less colorful since the absense of his dredlocked hair. Gideon is currrently living in Helsinki with his girlfriend and young daughter.
Bruce Berkhardt
(on and off, roughly 2001-2004)
A master with the wrench, Bruce had fingers of gold. (d. 2011)
Ken Gaile
Ken has probably spent more hours piloting a tuindersvlet than any other living person. He's the only captain who's a member of the 2,500+ boat club. Ken will gladly point out the cheapest and best places to buy beer. A budget traveller's delight... especially if you're on a big-tipping budget. Ken is also a poet: Oh, I sail the open seas/ Where the canals they smell like pee / The water ain't so blue / 'Cause they're surely filled with poo.../ en zo voort.
Alan Simpson*
Alan is the only captain to propose to his wife on the boats (on the Ome Jan, under a bridge on the Groenburgwal. She said, “yes.”). He is also the only captain to be pushed off a boat by a tourist and then have to dodge a rondvaart boat by swimming under it. He is a big man from Down Under, but gets into far fewer fights than Russell Crowe.
Simon Hollows (2002-2004) Took the boats out with or without tourists and on overnight camping expeditions. A damn good pilot. Currently a trolly dollie (flight attendant) in Vancouver.
Paul Ras
He was our good-will ambassador to all black-tie affairs. If you saw him and were afraid, you wouldn't have been the first. Paul hated Rotterdam and liked Bali. (d.2014)

Josh Baumgarten

  Josh is a mysterious man. His image fails to appear when photographed. This was very disconcerting to passengers after they get their film developed.
Lambros Fisfis
He's a veteran of the Greek Navy. Really. But don't believe him when he tells you that malaka is a rare Dutch waterfowl. Fisfis was a scriptwriter for "the €592 generation," a hit Greek TV show. Unlike Rod, Lambros actually does speak Greek.
Neil Robinson*
  Neil was crowned Meneer Van Der Gracht in 2010, thus taking the coveted Wet Tiara from Captain Mike, who had hogged it for far too long.
Pier Brito
Born in Uruguay, raided in Beunos Aires, adopted by Amsterdam, Pier is an illustrator, mainly on comics and movie storyboards. He really prefers a city with canals to a city without them.
Gladys Kravitz
(always on)
Accounting. She's very strict from her windowless office on the 4th floor of World Stichting Headquarters. If there is a mistake with your bill or if your company hasn't received proper payment, check with Gladys in Accounting at KLondike 5-0001. You won't get a recording ... she's always there.
Before there was a St. Nicolaas Boat Stichting, there were the Boom Boats (1994-1996). Captains,
deckhands, welders, and sweepers:
Jan van Ommen, Ken Schaefle, Peter Moskos, Chris Plant, Heidi Liebes, Jim Greer, Zora O'Neill, Scott Jones,
Todd Maxman, Toine Rikken, Ralph Lee, Michael Diederich.
* Members of the exclusive "Van Der Gracht" club:

Jan van Ommen, Peter Moskos, Alan Simpson, Mike Phelps, and the current wearer of the wet tiara, Neil Robinson, crowned in 2010!

Pictured on right: Peter Moskos and honorary member Frank Plant.
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