A Very Short History

As of 2014, we've been shut down for taking people for free on boat rides.

We have a new home! As of September, 2011, we will operate out of Mike's Bike Tours.

The St. Nicolaas Boat Club was founded in 1997 by Peter
Moskos and Toine Rikken.

stichting (non-profit club) was established to preserve
historic boats and let people enjoy the canals from something
other than a big glassed-in tour boat.

Amazingly, thanks to the hard work and dedication of all our
captains, we're still afloat.

Thousands of guests have ridden on our boats. For many of
them, it was the highlight of the Amsterdam visit.

We're partial to
Tuindersvletten with inboard motors, but more
than anything we like being on the water and being with each

That's the short version. Buy us a beer or two and we could go
on-and-on. Why, I remember that time when I
was crossing the
Ij... "Adventures in the Ij seas,"
said Bob...

© 1997 to today -- Sint Nicolaas Boot Stichting / St Nicolaas Boat Club

A decade on the
water, thanks to you!
Donations are our only
source of income.
Central Station pickup. Peter, Charlie, and Andrew Moskos. 1997.
Year 1. Jan, Ken, Peter. 1994.
Toine on Jackie's boat