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Nicole Mischler

Boat captain. Actor. Performs in Easy Laughs,
comedy improv every Friday night in English

Rod Ben Zeev


Boat captain. Actor. Script writer for Greek TV. And he doesn't even speak Gree.

Magnus Monfeldt

Boat captain. Sculptor.
Forking Fantastic Best Cookbook. Ever. One of the authors married into the boat club, which is always a wise choice but leaves the nagging question: would she still love me if I didn't have a boat?

Cop in the Hood

Winner of the 1st Annual Award for Best Book Written by a St. Nick Boat Club Captain. Thrilling book that could have been called, "The Wire, Season 6: This time it's for Real." Rod says it's the best book of 2008. And he reads a lot. Nicole thinks published authors are sexy, and she's pretty sexy. Diego now wants to be a published author. Ken says it does a not-so-good job of soaking up bilge water. Magnus wants to translate it into Swedish. And Paul is disappointed the the paperback isn't good for hitting people.
  Channels Amsterdam Forum There's really too much here. But if you can filter well, you can find all the Amsterdam information you need somewhere.
  The Binnenwaterbeheer of Amsterdam

These guys have been pulling us over since 1994. Each year they told us we didn’t have a permit. And each year they would tell us no permits would be given out till next year. Now they've told us there are permits, but we can't have one. But they can't actually tell us what we're doing that needs a permit. Because this is legal, we're worried as they slowly bankrupt us through attrition.

When they're not busy denying us permits, they work their asses off to make sure our canals are free of hard-core criminals (see the film Amsterdamned for the high speed boat chases).

BBA, we salute you!

  Meitheal Mara Researchers and Builders of the Irish Currach, a light, seaworthy, skin-covered boat that's been around for oh, about two millennia.
  Tuindersvlet Vereninging Amsterdam The TVA (Tuindersvlet Association of Amsterdam). Learn more about our kind of boats. A good organization and a good website, if you can read Dutch.
  Living on a Boat (UK) What's it like living on a boat? Got questions? They go answers.
  Tide and Currents If this just isn't the coolest thing in New York City, I don't know what is!
  Gezonken Bootje (Sunken Boats) Poor sunk boats in the Amsterdam canals. Hopefully our will never be posted. No need to speak dutch to enough the pictures.
  Amsterdam Boat Guide Another good way to see the canals. About 29,50 per person.
  Restaurant Christophe On the Leliegracht, they offer boaters canal-side pick-up boat boxes (food and drink). Their Boat Box Hotline number is 06 5025 7826. Nicole has tried one and says, "stylish and yummy."
  Boot Amsterdam BV He's a good guy and the Ivan Frank is a good boat.
  Boothuren Amsterdam Rent a boat in Amsterdam, with or without a captain.
  The Boom Boat Perhaps the next best thing to the St. Nick Boat Club, as long as we're shut down.
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